Leisure and surroundings

Experiencing an old picturesque town situated at the foot of the mountain “Vogelsberg” in the heart of Germany, only half-an-hour`s drive from Fulda with its neighbouring mountain chain, the “Rhön”. 


Whether by car or train, Lauterbach can be easily reached from all directions. The hotel offers luggage transportation.

                 Throughout the year there are a number of different cultural events, festivals and markets such as the “Pfingstmusiktage” or the “Prämienmarkt”. For leisure activities the town and its surroundings hold many opportunities for sports or recreation (swimming, ice-skating, riding, golfing, excursions, etc.

                 Lauterbach is also an ideal stop or starting point for cycling tours along various cycling routes.     



For further information and bookings:

Tourist-Center Stadtmühle ⋅ 36341 Lauterbach ⋅ Telefon: 06641 - 184 112 ⋅ Fax: 184 212
E-mail: info(at)lauterbach-hessen.de ⋅ www.lauterbach-hessen.de